Soilless Australia Vol 1 2016

Soilless Australia Vol 1 2016

Welcome to Protected Cropping Australia

formerly known as the Australian Hydroponic & Greenhouse Association

Senate inquiry on Bumblebees

The PCA kindly asks other greenhouse growers and the supporting community to send in their opinions and proposals on the risks and opportunities associated with the use of the bumblebee population in Tasmania for commercial pollination purposes.

Do you want legislation to be amended for a trial of bumblebees in a Tasmanian greenhouse? Then click here for a draft submission that PCA have prepared for you. You can simply insert your name and address, which comprehensively addresses the Senate Committee’s terms of reference.  Send your submission to The deadline is 3rd March 2016.

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The Modern Face of Horticulture

The Modern Face of Horticulture

  • Fresh produce available out of season
  • Growing any plant anywhere, anytime
  • Producing local food with low food miles
  • Location flexibility & improved ergonomics
  • Minimal environmental impact - eco-friendly
  • Reduced pest accessibility and therefore chemicals
  • Converting 'waste streams' into 'revenue streams'
  • Reduced water, energy, fertiliser and land consumption
  • Food supply solution for a rapidly increasing global population
  • Increased climate control
  • Cutting edge high technology
  • Not soil or climate dependent
  • Professional
  • Sustainable
  • Clean

Protected Cropping Australia is the peak industry body for the Protected Cropping Industry.

  • Protected Cropping Australia represents the industry nationally in an advocacy role.
  • Distributes information through conferences, seminars, newsletters and workshops.
  • Helps fund and provides in-kind support for industry research and development activities.
  • Facilitates industry applications to regulatory authorities for use of specialist treatment products in greenhouses.

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