PCA Industry Awards 2019 – Nominations are Now Open

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Our industry is full of inspiring people working every day to make our industry the best it can be.

We celebrate the achievements of these amazing people at our conference every second year.

Nominations are now open for the 2019 PCA Industry Awards.

Tell us who you think would be worthy recipients in the categories of:

  • Outstanding Contribution
  • Grower of the Year
  • Young Grower of the Year
  • Industry Development Award

Category Guidelines

The Outstanding Contribution Award celebrates individuals who have made significant contributions to the protected cropping industry and who have been inspirational role models for others.

The Grower of the Year Award celebrates a grower who is outstanding across all aspects of production, who is innovative, and who actively contributes to the broader industry.

The Young Grower of the Year Award celebrates the positive achievements of young people the next generation of our industry and recognises a future leader who is committed to enhancing the protected cropping industry. Nominees must be younger than 30 years of age as of 31st December 2019.

The Industry Development Award celebrates the efforts of an industry professional who is making a valuable impact on the future course of protected cropping in Australia. This includes people active in the areas of research, training, extension, and industry associations.


Nominations for the 2019 PCA Award should be submitted by Monday 17th June. Each nomination involves several components:

  • Contact details for the nominator (person making the nomination).
  • Contact details for the nominee. It is PCA policy not to tell nominees who has nominated or endorsed them.
  • Nomination statement (200-500 words in length) outlining why the candidate should receive this award. This may describe the candidate’s work in general,and should draw particular attention to the contributions that merit the award.
  • Suggested citation if the candidate is selected. This should be a concise statement (maximum of 25 words) describing the key technical or professional accomplishment for which the candidate merits this award. The final wording for awardees will be at the discretion of the Award Committee.
  • Evidence should be presented of service whose impact significantly exceeds what might normally be expected. That impact might be on the basis of a single but very important contribution, or a sustained record of contributions over many years, etc.
  • Copy of the candidate’s CV and a photograph.
  • Nominees must be resident in Australia.
  • No director, staff member or consultant engaged by PCA is eligible to be nominated for any of these awards.

Other information

What are the costs involved in participating?
There are no costs involved for participating. There is a registration fee to attend the conference and the dinner where the winners will be announced.

What do the winners receive?
The winners will receive a personalised trophy, a certificate and a logo for promotion and recognition in their online activities. The award winner will also receive one year’s free membership to PCA.

Do we need to attend the conference to win the award?
No. Although, it would be a shame if you do win and haven’t attended.

Nomination Checklist

  • Nomination form (next page)
  • CV and photo
  • Citation
  • Any additional information

To enter a nomination, please fill in the online form (scroll down and click Awards Nominations), or download the following form, fill it in and return to admin@protectedcroppingaustralia.com