Spelt Lupin Blueberry Hotcakes P

Spelt and Lupin Blueberry Hotcakes – Dr Joanna McMillan – Get Lean, Stay Lean

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The 6-step program for a healthier body for life!

Spelt Lupin Blueberry Hotcakes P

Spelt Lupin Blueberry Hotcakes

You will probably recognise Dr Joanna McMillan from Aussie TV, print media, radio; she’s appeared on our screens and airways many times over the years to educate us on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Her new book gives us the run-down on her 6-step program based on getting healthy for life! And as a PhD qualified nutrition scientist, dietition and former fitness instructor, she has a lifetime of knowledge and is well know for her practical advice.

As she says, though, this program isn’t a quick fix, it’s solid advice for living life to the fullest and being the healthiest version of yourself. Forget the fad diets, a healthy aproach to food and life is the key.

Her 6-steps include food, drink, exercise, activity, stress, and sleep – all the steps she believes will lead to joy, and in turn, a healthy, happy and fulfilled body.

Through out she offers advice on plate proportions (one of the world’s biggest problems at the moment is overeating!), and which foods should take up the most real estate on your plate, nutrients, smart carbs, good and bad fats, stress management, and exercise.

Her recipes look delicious and appealing too – and most are dishes you can throw together on a busy weeknight.

The recipe section is divided into breakfast, snacks, salads, soups, seafood, meat, poultry, vegetarian (yes, you get a chapter too!), sweet treats, and drinks.

And don’t think it’s all salad, salad, salad – you’ll find healthy recipes for cheeseburgers, beef burritos, hoisin pork ribs, oyster beef noodles, tarragon chicken ricotta parcels, and the kids will love the doc’s macadamia chicken (I know I do!).

Our good friends at Murdoch Books have given us Dr Joanna’s Spelt & Lupin Blueberry Hotcake recipe to share with you from Get Lean, Stay Lean.


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Spelt & Lupin Blueberry Hotcakes - Dr Joanna McMillan - Get Lean, Stay Lean
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